Music Download Reviews For The UK

MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Some Kind Of Nothingness

Some Kind of Nothingness sees the Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield Bradfield and Echo & the Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch trading lines that build to a crescendo of strings and backing vocals for their rather fantastic second single from their tenth (also rather fantastic) album Postcards from a Young Man.

It is big commercial “classic” Manics on show here with a singalong vibe and good duetting with the Bunnyman, that even a massive cheesy backing choir can’t even ruin. Popping up on Strictly Come Dancing to sell a few extra copies will hopefully see this troubling the top of the charts if there is any justice in this world.

Rated 4 out of 5

LOTTE MULLAN – Can’t Find The Words

Everybody knows that slow and acoustic songs are quite annoying and should be only played on Radio 2 by Steve Wright – unless they come from the fretboard of Laura Marling etc. However, introducing Lotte Mullan, who releases the fantastic song Can’t Find The Words that can be filed in the ‘Slow Songs That Aren’t Sh*t’ file next to Marling.

The result is a chillaxing piece of blissful modern folk-pop with a good dose of great bass and drums that you’ll want to listen to again to warm up your soul on these cold wintery days. It is kinda like Portishead have made a folk single, which can’t be bad can it? This release has (apparently) now been put back to the 27th, but it is still definitely worth a listen now!

Rated 4 out of 5

PATRICK WOLF – Time Of My Life

Patrick Wolf, the musician and hair dye maverick, utilises a wide variety of instruments in his music and has created a genre known a ‘folktronica’ – which is a clever mixture of the words ‘folk’ and ‘electronica’ created by some brilliant wordsmith somewhere.

This limited edition 7″ single is the first taster of his eagerly awaited new album. The result? It’s fantastic! It is folky and with a classical and electronic sound that Ellie Goulding is probably trying to find. Buying this won’t cause you to have the best time of your life, but it certainly won’t harm your chances. However, it is rubbish that people can only buy it on vinyl (no CD or download) though. Don’t you know that only anal morons buy singles on vinyl nowadays?

Rated 4 out of 5


If you don’t already know, then Willow Smith is the daughter of the actual Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. According to information that we have received, the Fresh Prince is a man that wears black when fighting aliens and also hangs around with bad boys. Blimey!

Err…this is Will Smith’s young daughter Willow Smith. Despite the obvious reservations about liking a song by a ten-year old kid (who has quite an usual deep voice on the evidence of this), this is a decent pop song which makes it impossible to disagree with the “baby Rihanna” tag. But come on…she is ten! Sadly, the NSPCC are yet to respond to our email about this silly “young pop star” situation.

Rated 3 out of 5

KYLIE MINOGUE – Better Than Today

Firstly, we would like to clarify and answer the one question on our reader’s lips. No, Kylie isn’t wearing any hot pants in the video!

Kylie Minogue releases this, her third single from recent album Aphrodite, which is the traditional uninspiring Scissor Sisters-esque romp that we have come to expect from Kylie these days. Having said that, it is a decent enough pop effort that almost makes up for the lack of arse excitement with ticking a lot of boxes that you expect from a good-ish commercial pop tune. It’s just not our cup of tea.

Rated 2 out of 5

WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE – Wild Child / Flesh & Blood Kids

Have you ever wanted a French version of Peaches or Crystal Castles? If so, then We Are Enfant Terrible may be the band for you. Sadly it caused more of a roll of the eyebrows inside Banana HQ. For example, look at the stupid ‘attention-seeking’ cover! Annoying.

Anyway, both tracks here feature the dirty headache-causing synths that we were expecting, with 1980s computer style bleeps and blips etc. However, Peaches has been doing this type of thing (and doing it much better) since the early noughties, so there is little point in investing in this. The Chew Lips remix of Wild Child might be worth further investigation though.

Rated 2 out of 5


Michael Jackson is being used to sell a few records here. How much is this is actually a Jacko track? It sounds like the names on the sleeve should be switched around, as this sounds like Akon featuring Michael Jackson. Maybe even ‘A CON featuring MICHAEL JACKSON’ may be more fitting title here.

Anyway, no matter how much of this is Jacko or Akon – it will be further proof that his new record was never going to match Off The Wall and Thriller and they should perhaps keep the poor guy’s musical reputation intact by not letting “new Michael Jackson material” see the light of day.

Rated 1 out of 5

JOE MCELDERRY – Someone Wake Me Up

Former X-Factor runner-up (to shock winners Rage Against The Machine) attempts go all Snow Patrol on us with this horribly bland guitar ballad Someone Wake Me Up. This track is also the lead track on the film Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I was left demanding the exact same plea as McElderry, as I escaped into my own dream world during this three minutes and twenty seven seconds of utter mindless sentimental tosh.

Rated 1 out of 5

Compassion in Contemporary Art

“Contemporary art” is another one of those terms that covers a wide variety of art. The best definition of “contemporary” is the work of any living artist, though the term has also been used to mean art that you would go beyond. This sense of contemporary is more like the term “modern,” in that it means the opposite of “traditional.”. Here another rare talent Jayadev Biswal is showing his exceptional art skill with those very special canvases.

Jayadev’s lush, exotic and luminous textures sprawl somewhere between the sonic freefall of bloody Valentine, folktronica, famous dutch landscapes and a hymnal, Spiritualized-ish quality, but always with an eye on beyond and subtlety. Despite his preference for tweed and brogues, The Young Jayadev is just another exponent of brittle Indian new-wave upcoming contemporary artist with attitude. There are a million ways to combine concept, style and technique, but the Young Jayadev seems to interested in discovering any uniqness from them, to play with them and if you visit his workplace ,you just cann’t deny all these arguments, he is surely one of upcoming mainline young painter in Indian contemporary art market now, just looking like using all his Borodian skill to amaze art lovers and art critics.This most recent work ‘COMPASSION’ indicates his new development of supra-national power structures and the radical social changes.

While global cities are forming into a new economic world order, capital, people, ideas, pictures, and goods move around the world with ever-increasing speed, setting up a network of communication, production, and consumption that spans all continents,Young Jayadev Biswal is looking to add some more features towards its rapidical progress.He is coming with some new contemporary concepts with amazing handelling and flowless coloring techniques on canvases.

What Is Fusion Music?

What is fusion music? Well, you don’t have to be an atomic scientist to understand fusion music. Let’s look at a basic definition of fusion; ‘the union of different things by or as if by melting; blending; coalition.’ This definition is from the New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition. So, in music, different musical elements, often from different musical genres are put together. Here are some examples of fusion music;

  • Reggae Rock
  • Rap Rock
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Gypsy Punk
  • Gypsie Jazz
  • Folktronica
  • Folk Metal
  • Folk Punk
  • Celtic Punk
  • Country Rap

From most of these titles, you can see what genre has been mixed with what other genre; ‘Country Rap’ is obviously Country Music mixed with Rap Music and ‘Folk Punk’ is Folk Music mixed with Punk Music. This is only a partial list, of course, since the combinations are pretty much unlimited. Being of Germanic heritage, I have attended a number of Oktoberfests and heard ‘Umpah Bands’ playing rock songs. One of the more successful types of fusion music is Country Rock.

Another term applied to fusion music is ‘cross-over.’ You have probably heard the term ‘Cross-Over Hit,’ referring to a song that captured the attention of listeners in different genres of music. Fusion music often originates from the desire of a band to reach a broader audience but it can also come from the effort to establish a unique or new sound.

Most musical artists who have stood out have had a unique sound of their own and this is actually the end product of this fusion process we are talking about. Whereas some fusion efforts are very obvious, that is to say they have combined a very identifiable musical element with another very identifiable musical element, some fusion processes are much more subtle and involve a larger number of musical elements.

To illustrate this point, I will share a short story of when I heard a lecture by the late, great author Ray Bradbury. He knew that he was addressing an audience of young writers and he said, quite simply, if you want to be a writer, you just read and read and read and it starts coming back out. Somehow, I understood just what he was saying which was that, in being a writer, you don’t shut yourself off in an ivory tower but you get as much exposure as possible to the writings of other authors and then this starts to come across in a mix that reflects your own personality.

You can take just about any great musical artist and trace his personal favorite musical artists in his music. In Beethoven, for example, we can find Mozart, Haydn, Handle and Bach, not ripped off verbatim, but present stylistically in the mix that is uniquely Beethoven. When we really look, we see that no musical genre has popped out of the blue but is a product what is fusion music.